Pineapple Multi Fruit Complex with Brightening Beads

Exfoliates surface cells Binds moisture to the skin Softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles


1 oz / 30 ml

Pineapple Multi Fruit 6% pH 2.50 Retail is formulated to exfoliate dead cells on the surface of your skin, exposing more radiant and youthful skin tone and texture. You will notice a firming and brightening the first week.

Glycolic 3% acid dissolves the bond between dead skin cells and the surface of the skin. After the dissolving action, dead skin cells will slough off resulting in smaller pore sizes and less acne.

Lactic acid 3% helps remove excess skin oils and keeps pore clear of cellular debris. Improves hydration and increases absorption of the skin, revealing a radiant complexion.

Brightening Pineapple Extract – Contains vitamin C and beta carotene. These antioxidants can help reduce wrinkles, improve overall skin texture, and minimize skin damage from sun and pollution exposure.

Bilberry Extract – This helps skin with nourishing nutrients which helps maintain elasticity and suppleness, including the vital oil-moisture

Sugarcane Extract – Sugarcane is an amazing source of number essential skin care ingredients, used as an antiseptic and natural exfoliant, it can smooth and brighten skin’s appearance.

Stunning Results

*Diminish wrinkles and soft lines

*Stimulate collagen production for more youthful skin

*Help skin damage caused by UV rays.

*Brighten, tighten and rejuvenate skin

Make sure you have a supply of SPF 30 or higher to protect the skin


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